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Virtual-Advantage brings to you an awesome ArmA 2: DayZ hack.  Our DayZ cheat bypass allows you to use our DayZ menu or any custom script menu or scripts you wish.  Our DayZ cheat also has one of the lowest detection rates of any other cheat site out!  Check out our ArmA 2: DayZ cheat bypass today!

Game Engine: Real Virtuality 3
Game Version: Latest Version
Coder: Optix

Price: $7.95 USD for 1 month


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DayZ Cheat Bypass Gameplay Information

DayZ attempts to portray a realistic scenario, with the environment having many different effects on the player. A player may receive bone fractures from repeated damage to the legs, go into shock from unexpected ambushes, receive infections from both the zombies or diseased players, or even spontaneously faint due to a low blood pressure. Thirst and hunger must be regularly dealt with by finding sustenance in either cities or in the wilderness, with body temperature playing another key part in the character's survival. The game focuses on survival and the human element of a zombie apocalypse by forcing the player to acknowledge basic human needs like thirst, hunger and shelter; elements that force the player to focus on immediate goals before they can consider longer term strategies.

DayZ has been praised for the level of emergent gameplay it provides. BuzzFeed author Russell Brandom suggested that the mod has spawned the first photojournalist in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), creating articles that are not only about a game world but journalism told from within it. Brandom claimed that DayZ is a unique example of MMORPG genre in both giving players the power to harm each other, and adding no restrictions on how or why they might do it, quoting a player who described it as "the story of people". The mod has been compared by Tina Amini of Kotaku to The Walking Dead and its focus on interactions between the characters when faced with their desperate situation, with the players in DayZforced to deal with dilemmas in similar ways as portrayed in both the comics and TV series for the franchise.

It has been proposed that DayZ provides some insight into people's motivations and behaviors when reacting to real crisis events, mirroring controlled experiments of a similar nature. However, some critics of this theory argue that participants do not react as they would in a real world situation in which their life is truly threatened. Despite the game being biased towards self-interested hostile competition, many players enter the game with their own perceptions and priorities. These varied approaches and experiences within the game suggest that even in a system that should theoretically promote rational, self-interested behaviour, people act in unexpected ways. It has been proposed that this dispels the idea that chaos is an objective and defining feature of the system, rather it is what players make of it.


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