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America’s Army Proving Ground [AAPG]


America’s Army: Proving Grounds (AA:PG) is a first person shooter / urban military drill simulator. Though this is an online simulation that can be geared towards you and your teams advantage. If you want to be the absolute best and would settle for nothing less, head over to our forum where you can pick up a powerful tool designed specifically for improving a users performance in America’s Army Proving Grounds. Using our ‘cheats’ is simple. All you would need to do is log into our Loader, select America’s Army: Proving Grounds from the drop-down list, and launch the game. The cheat can also be injected at anytime while in-game with no risk whatsoever. We bring to you the best undetected AAPG cheats online, designed with security in mind. Once you’re ready to go, press the Delete key to access the cheat menu. Here you can find a variety of options that are cleanly organized between different sections that you can toggle and tune to your personal preference. If you are unsure about testing a particular configuration, request what you have in mind on the forum and we will create the settings for you. If you are not a power user, you always have the option of disabling the AAPG cheat by pressing your panic key, which by default is bound to the Home key.

There are a few tricks we have built in to our America’s Army: Proving Grounds cheat. A few that our users love are the options to remove scope sway and weapon recoil. While this may be great and beneficial in certain situations, when you have your entire team breathing down your neck it can be noticeable. So make sure to disable No Recoil and No Sway in the Misc section of the cheat menu so that no one catches on. One thing that no one will catch onto is the aim assistance that can be provided by our Aimbot. When setup correctly, you will land shots on targets with bullets that used to fly a few inches or feet past their intended destination. If you consider yourself recon man (or woman) and prefer sitting back and sniping enemy insurgents with an M14, the Triggerbot may be more down your alley. If there is one thing you can take pride in while playing AAPG, that is your aim. Keep paths clear for your allies while enemy forces are suppressed. Never again will you fail in that duty with the Triggerbot. Give your scope a clean pass over the target, the shot will be fired and land, every time. Become the best sharpshooter out there while retaining your reaction time with a little help from Virtual-Advantage.

Taking point man can be something that is often overlooked, but they are most vital in breaking through enemy lines and securing your teams success. Next time you feel like being the hero, whip out the Remington 870 show them you mean business. The 2D and 3D Radar systems in the America’s Army Proving Grounds cheat can be enabled and customized to your liking. These features have the potential to grant you vision on every player in the server. You can view their positions, where they are aiming, what weapons they have equipped, and so on. Using these visual aids you will be able to make well organized decisions that can take a weapon with a short range, a very long way. Find a safe route to flank or wait within hostile proximity for your chance to take your enemies head on the moment they fall off guard. Tallying up your kill count and round victories has never been any easier. We have the best undetected Aimbot, Triggerbot, and Visual ESP for AAPG. What are you waiting for soldier? Get your advantage with Virtual-Advantage today!