Romero's Aftermath Undetected Cheats.

Infestation is back with a new environment and scenario in Aftermath. Cheating in this game however is still the same experience you know and love. Navigating through the rural undead with a detailed visual ESP system and looting towns with an Aimbot for the clowns that try to stop you. Both this game and cheat are nearly identical to its predecessor. You can still Super Jump or use Birds Eye View to get a look at your surroundings and take out your rivals while in a safe zone. As always, be wary with FairFight. Don't let using turn into abusing. We provide the tools necessary to living a long and prosperous life in the wasteland.


Price: $12.95 USD for 1 month

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Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP Win Vista Win7 Win8 Win10 SUPPORTED