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Battlefield 3 [BF3]


cheating in BF3 is a feeling like none other. If you’re not new to it, this undetected Battlefield 3 cheat can certainly bring back the nostalgia of the early days when unlocks, ribbons, and medals were limitless after completing a match. It can always be this way, hell it can be better. Pop heads across maps and drop aircraft out out of the sky like a failed 9/11 attempt. Keep your name in the kill feed and your enemies pressing the respawn button at all times. Setting up this BF3 cheat to work its magic is simple. You can inject while a level is loading or after spawning into a server. By default you will want to press the Home key to access the BF3 cheat menu. Once you have the menu open, you can click through each of the tabs to view your selection of option. We personally like to set up custom colors to be used for the Battlefield 3 cheat before jumping into the action; These can be configured until the menu and visual ESP are eye-candy that can suit your taste.

Enough of the basics, let’s get into the BF3 Aimbot. Our Battlefield 3 Aimbot will allow you to place yourself at the top of leaderboards. Raise your score per minute and kill to death ratio by tearing the rival team to shreds. A great addition to this ownage is the one shot kill feature which will allow your bullets to pierce through walls, unarmored land vehicles, jets, and helicopters. Landing a single shot anywhere near a group of players with this feature enabled will put them all to rest. It truly makes these Battlefield 3 cheats spectacular. The visuals at your disposal are also quite handy. You will be able to see everything from players to vehicles, claymores to landmines, and grenades to supply kits. All screenshots by PunkBuster are clean and you will never need to worry about them as a threat. While we don’t offer a PB ban bypass, we can assure you that the risk of ever being banned while using our cheats is extremely low and in fact lower than any other cheat provider. We work with some of the most well respected and experienced coders in the scene. You are safe with us Punk!