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Hidden path entertainment in collaboration with Valve Corporation developed a video game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [CS:GO]. The multi-player game is the fourth release in a series of Counter-Strike releases. Available for MS Windows OS, PS 3, Xbox 360, and also OS X, September 2014 saw the release of its Linux version.

CS:GO sets a team of terrorists against another team of counter-terrorists with the goal of taking each other. There are several in-game objectives which must be completed depending on the mode being played. For example, the terrorists are tasked with planting a bomb or taking and defending hostages while the counter-terrorists have the task of preventing the terrorists from planting the bomb, ensuring that the bomb is defused or getting the hostages freed. CSGO comes with 8 game modes that are characterized distinctly depending on the mode being played. 

Just like other Counter-Strike games, Global offensive is a multi-player first-person shooter that is built on an objective-based model. On the completion of each objective, players are given rewards based on how well they have performed. The rewards are an in-game currency which can be used to purchase upgraded weapons as the rounds progress. Players get more rewards if they win rounds than when they lose and players also earn bonuses when objectives such as eliminating an enemy are completed. Penalties are also awarded when an uncooperative action such as taking a teammate out is performed. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has five categories of weapons that players can purchase (four gun categories plus one utility category) ranging from rifles and SMGs to grenades and pistols. Hand grenades give small radius damage, smoke grenades give a temporary smoke screen, the primary gun of a player is emulated by the decoy grenade, players are blinded temporarily by the flashbang if they look at it while it goes off, and a smaller map radius is lit temporarily by the Molotov cocktail. Players can also purchase a Taser weapon.

There are a total of 8 game modes in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game. They include

  • Competitive 
  • Casual
  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition 
  • Wingman 
  • Flying Scoutsman
  • Weapons Course

In the Competitive mode, players have to compete against each other in 5-man teams in matches which last about 45 minutes. Competitive game modes are more intense than the Causal and Deathmatch game modes in which friendly fire with teammates or a collision are not registered. The Causal and Deathmatch game modes are basically built for practice. 

The Arms Race game mode involves the players racing to have their guns upgraded through enemy kills. The Demolition mode enables game players to plant a bomb and also have it defused. Players will get an upgrade on their gun when the round begins only if they eliminated an enemy in the previous round. The Wingman game mode spans about 15 rounds and sees players paired according to the level of their skills. In the Flying Scoutsman game mode, a knife and an SSG 08 are given to the players. The Weapons Course game mode helps new players practice the use of guns and grenades, learn bomb planting and defusing, and can be played offline. Asides this game mode, the previously mentioned game modes can also be played online.