Virtual-Advantage Garry's Mod Cheat!

We at Virtual-Advantage like to get silly at times without losing our edge. Join us in Garry’s Mod to rustle some jimmies with a full range of ESP and an Aimbot to swat the flies. This cheat does not use LUA scripting which is commonly affiliated with GMod cheating, thus this cheat has never been detected. Whichever mod you like to play on, our cheat can be of major assistance to always keep the good times rolling. Join Virtual-Advantage and start dominating safely today!

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Garry’s Mod


Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox. Unlike regular games there aren’t any predefined aims or goals. We give you the tools and leave you to play.
You spawn objects and weld them together to create your own contraptions – whether that’s a car, a rocket, a catapult or something that doesn’t have a name yet – that’s up to you.
If you’re not too great at construction – don’t worry! You can place a variety of characters in silly positions. Garry’s Mod also has integrated Steam Workshop mods, allowing for infinite creativity, diverse and exciting gamemodes and various playstyles.