League++ Last Hit Tool and Plugin Framework

Our League of Legends cheat is currently undergoing redevelopment. We are offing our extensive C++ framework and SDK for League of Legends to create your own custom plugins for each champion that can be displayed in our built in menu by pressing Shift. Ready-made plugins will become available soon and will be included with our LoL cheat by default. Currently our League of Legends cheat is only coming with our unique built in Orbwalking system, which shows your players range, moves for your when held, and accurately takes last hits. There are 4 different variations of Orbwalking. Lane freeze mode (bound to the X key) will automatically last hit any minions, while ignoring enemy champions. Mixed mode (bound to the C key) is the same as lane freeze, but will poke any enemy champions that come in range. Lane clear mode (bound to the V key) pushes the lane by last hitting minions but also continuously attacks. Carry mode (bound to the Space Bar key) is used for fights against enemy champions, will auto attack and execute combo on best target(s) (Auto combo casting is temporarily disabled).


Price: $12.95 USD for 1 month

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP Win Vista Win7 Win8 Win10 SUPPORTED