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Rust is a multiplayer-only survival computer game in development by Facepunch Studios for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. Rust was originally released onto Steam’s Early Access program on 11 December 2013. Rust was at first produced as a knockoff of DayZ, a favorite mod for ARMA 2 with the add-on of crafting components.

The game tasks players to endure in the wilderness by crafting items using the materials they accumulate or steal; the player begins with only a rock and a torch. There’s only a multiplayer mode and a prevailing concept in Rust is to build and join clans with other players. Marauding is a very standard action, commonly done in heavy clans. Since Rust’s first alpha launch, animals, hunting and the ability to craft armour and artilleries have been added. It initially faced zombies as foes, but later substituted them with bears and wolves. Irradiation was also removed due to the frustration it was causing players.

Throughout Rust’s alpha release, it was met with mixed critiques and many equivalences with other survival games were made, with the more common one following the mixture between DayZ and Minecraft. Reviewers praised the game’s concept and gameplay, while also mentioning the obvious unfinishedness. By the end of 2015, Rust had sold over three million copies.

The aim in Rust is to survive in a brutal open world surroundings. Animals, such as wolves and bears, comprise a menace to new players, but the most common risk occurs from other players. The player vs player battle is achieved with bows, melee weapons and craftable guns. Bullets and other projectiles travel via a ballistic trajectory. There are multiple different types of bullets for each gun. Damage is computed utilizing hit tracking, implying shots to the head are more detrimental than shots to other parts of the body. Weapon affixations, such as holosights, can be used to give players an advantage. In order to endure, the player must craft instruments, build bases, level up and squad with other players. Contrary to  numerous other sandbox games, Rust only features a multiplayer mode.

On starting a new character, the player will have only a rock and a torch, the former of which can be used to cut down trees and break apart stones. In order to survive in the world, the player must gather resources such as wood and stone and use these resources to craft craft tools, weapons and other gear. The player can gather cloth, food, stone, metal ore, sulfur ore and wood by killing animals, mining rocks and chopping trees. The player starts with an initial list of items which they can craft and can learn how to craft new items by gaining experience points and leveling up.

A recently finished air drop, holding important supplies for any player who finds it.

A crucial factor in Rust are airdrops. These happen at random, or could be called in by players utilizing rare consumables called supply signals. Airdrops are parachute-equipped pallets of supplies that are delivered via a propellor airplane, and can be caught coming in across exceedingly long distances, leading to players occasionally running toward the airdrop. Additional important elements in Rust are attack choppers. Choppers spawn in at random intervals and shoots players that it sees.

The player must stay well-nourished or they’ll perish of starvation. There are other challenges the player may face during gameplay, such as drowning, hypothermia and attacks from wildlife (primarily from bears and wolves). A prevalent concept in Rust is to form a “clan” with different players. These clans commonly create living accommodations for their members, provide items and supplies to each other and partake in coordinated raiding of remaining players and pillaging. Try our Rust Cheats, and Rust Aimbot today at Virtual-Advantage!